A Salute to Milano

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D.I.T.C. affiliate Milano is one of the illest MCs in NYC. And though he may not get the same shine as some of your favorites, his uncanny ability to body beats with poise, confidence and slickness deserves all the accolades. If I had to pick a starting five of my favorite rappers right now, he’d be my power forward.

With his new album Boulevard Author—which is produced entirely by Showbiz—on the way this Friday, my like-minded blog bro Robbie at Unkut took the time to put together a downloadable playlist of some of ‘Lano’s most slept-on tracks from the past.

Peep the tracklist and download link below.

A Salute to Milano (Tracklist):

1. ‘Where You Been At’ [Produced by T-Ray]
2. ‘Got It On Me’ [Produced by P Brothers]
3. ‘Warriors Drum’ [Produced by Lord Finesse]
4. ‘The Formula’ [Produced by Showbiz]
5. ‘Rep For The Slums’ [Produced by Ahmed]
6. ‘What Kind Of Shit You Want?’ [Produced by P Brothers]
7. ‘Somewhere Different’ [Produced by Chaze]
8. ‘Global Warming’ [Produced by Ahmed]
9. ‘Show ‘Em Man’ [Produced by Showbiz]
10. ‘Hold Ya Weight’ feat. Agallah [Produced by Agallah]
11. ‘And Now’ [Produced by Agallah]
12. ‘In A Zone’ [Produced by P Brothers]
13. ‘M.I.L.A.N.O’ [Produced by Chaze]
14. ‘Show ‘Em Part 2’
15. ‘Dangerous’ feat. Big L [Produced by Ghetto Pros]

Download: A Salute to Milano (Unkut)

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